Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman


BLPARW is a non-profit Organisation founded in 1987. Our vision is to see an emergence of a well-informed, economically and socio-politically empowered African woman participating effectively in the process of national development and the promotion of family values, and as a result, living better. To achieve this, we run Adult Literacy programs, Empowerment Support initiatives, and provide access to finance. We facilitate these with our local and international partners as well as our members.


We are poised to unleash the potential of the African rural woman so that she redefines her future and that of her daughter. We ensure women get the literacy support; technical and financial training they need to ensure they play active roles in their children’s education and manage their businesses effectively.


We are launching a new strategy which will be implemented over the next five years. This plan, we believe will make lasting change for those who need us most. Under each section of the plan, we have a set of objectives designed to make the biggest possible impact on the lives of vulnerable girls and women across Africa.


Our partners and members are crucial to the organisation. We work together as one big team, combining our skills and experiences across sectors to enhance mutual learning from one another and to ensure sustained developmental efforts. These we do in order to build a better future for young girls and women of Africa.

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