our partners

FBN Quest

• Manages the Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman (BLPARW) Trust Fund from where it will be domiciled for access to the beneficiaries

National Commission for Mass Education

• Provides adult literacy programs

• Accreditation support with teachers

Nigerian Export Promotion Council

• Supports BLPARW beneficiaries on product development

• Guide beneficiaries on market access

• Provides packaging and labelling advisory

Global Shea Alliance

• Support in the aggregation and management of Shea tree, nut and butter


• Delivers entrepreneurship trainings

• Supports in providing centres

Abuja Enterprise

• Provides training on end product packaging and marketing


• Special collaboration for adult literacy programs


• Provides BLPARW beneficiaries access to tools and products to help enhance their farming • Provides access to micro loans

National Directorate of Mass Employment

• Support BLPARW beneficiaries with agricultural skills training

• Trains the trainers for skills update