Sauki Health



A force for the rural African woman's wellbeing.

We work with our partners and members in the medical profession to provide a community evidence-based and high-quality health care to underserved African communities.

The goal is to improve the access African rural women and their children have to superior health and as a result promote the wellness in Africa’s rural communities.

We organise community outreach programs twice a year to address basic problems such as lack of health screenings. Our medical practitioners conduct assessments, make recommendations including setting individual health and wellness goals. They also connect the women with the appropriate health resources and facilities.


The health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and at the postnatal period is interconnected with her social and economic status. A key part to our initiative is to encourage and promote a continuous dialogue about the little things that prevent most pregnancy-related deaths and complications, most of which are often overlooked/ignored or not accessible.

African underserved communities find it difficult to access the resources, information, and services that ensure safe pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

Our commitment to address the maternal challenges women face involves the health care dimensions of family planning, preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care in order to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience. We support rural African women with facilities and personnel to help reduce maternal and infant mortality rate in the Country.


The goal of this initiative is to bridge the gap between healthcare and accessibility by taking adequate healthcare services to African rural communities using their local schools as a channel. It aims to unlock the power of preventative healthcare and early detection as well as promote student success and community wellness. It is available to the school’s students, each with parental consent, and available to the school’s teaching and non-teaching staff.

The wellness program addresses potential illness such as visual impairments, hearing disorders and developmental disorders. There will be periodic schedules between the schools across communities so that maximum reach in each community can be established. An integral part of this ‘detect early and improve’ health program is to create awareness and help connect patients to care. Intrinsically, the initiative encourage parents in rural communities to send their children to school.